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Proving Evolution With The Dictionary

Proving Evolution With The Dictionary Specious reasoning and clever crafting of definitions can make about anything appear to come true. As John Mackay (1852) observed, “When men wish to construct or support a theory, how they torture facts into their service!” Mackay, J. (1852). Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. Some words are…
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Themed Boutique Hotels

Themed Boutique Hotels If you really want to stay in a memorable hotel, choose one with a strong design theme. Far more than having room names with a common link, a strong design runs through everything the hotel does, and makes the whole guest experience more interesting. Choosing a definite theme can be a risk…
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Essentials of front-yard landscaping

Essentials of front-yard landscaping Front-yard landscaping is one of the most important aspects of overall landscape design. Careful attention should always be given in landscaping the front-yard because it is the place that most people see very often—especially when they get to your house. Getting started When doing a landscape for your front-yard, the first…
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