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Automatic machine embroidery

Automatic machine embroidery General information Machine embroidery is a special type of embroidery, performed by special automatic machines, functioning according to the man’s adjusted program. This man is designer, constructor. He creates the embroidery program (design) - the machine operation algorithm, which can be in consequence repeated unlimited number of times. The machine following the…
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eCommerce – A Plan

eCommerce - A Plan Planning an ecommerce website is like building a house – architecture and budget need to be agreed before the decoration. AN AGREED REQUIREMENTS SPECIFICATION MUST BE DRAWN UP AS THE FIRST STAGE BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE IS DONE – ANY OTHER APPROACH WILL ONLY LEAD TO CONFUSION AND WORSE. Once an AGREED…
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Letting someone else worry about email deliverability.

Letting someone else worry about email deliverability. The crisis in email deliverability is not a fluke and it really isn't something we don’t understand. We know the reason and we know why it continues to be a challenge to online merchants such as you and I. The issue has to do with spam filters that…
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