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Porsche 968

Porsche 968 Porsche 968 is basically the successor of the Porsche 944. It has a low nose and wide wheel arches that helps accentuating the beautiful lines of this classic shape that in a Porsche Guards Red is a real head turner. It has also the classic GT front engine, rear wheel drive layout with…
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Cooking With The Power of the Sun

Cooking With The Power of the Sun Many people understand the concept of passive solar for heating a home. Fewer realize it can be used in to cook food and sterilize water. Cooking With The Power of the Sun A solar oven is pretty much what it sounds like. It is used to cook food…
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The Inside And Out Of A Home Theater

The Inside And Out Of A Home Theater Home theater is a home cinema system that tries to reproduce video and audio in home that is of cinema quality and gives a real `cinema experience`. A basic system could comprise of an arrangement of a DVD and CD player, a television and a set of…
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Interior Shutters Buying Basics

Interior Shutters Buying Basics Window shutters add a nice touch to a home’s exterior. In other parts of the world, especially Europe and the Caribbean, shutters serve a functional purpose. They cover windows by night or in bad weather to keep out bad weather or cold air. By day they are pushed open from the…
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