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Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation A Kitchen renovation can take approximately eight weeks to complete, but of course that is if everything goes as planned. If you know anything about Murphy's Law then you know that something may not go as it was planned. Each kitchen that needs rejuvenated varies with the extent of the project, the age,…
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Mount Juliet Estate: A little Something for Everybody

Mount Juliet Estate: A little Something for Everybody Rarely would a person find a place so peaceful amidst today's fast paced lifestyle. But this estate has been developed with tranquility in mind and a place where one can unwind and just enjoy life the way it was meant to be. With 15,000 acres of lush…
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Introduction To The Sauna

Introduction To The Sauna History and Use The origins of the sauna have been lost in the mists of time (so to speak), but it is safe to say its history goes back at least 1000 years. We know that the nomadic peoples of Finland had a primitive type of sauna that was made by…
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Turn The Attic Into A Bathroom

Turn The Attic Into A Bathroom Have you ever had a problem when there are not enough bathrooms in your own home? The solution of course will be to construct another one. So why not turn the attic into a bathroom? Turning the attic into a bathroom or any other living space requires planning. The…
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