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Space Planning Atlanta

Architectural Scale Model

I had a 1 48 scale model flying Fortress that was my pride and joy. When I went to architecture school, I gave it all up. I figured that I could not make a career in models, and should do something else that I enjoyed. Little did I realize what awaited me. I actually got…
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Boost Your Business: Publish A Book

Entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for ways to boost their business. One of those ways is to become an author. A book doesn?t have to be 100,000 words and hundreds of pages long. An e-book can be as short as 50 pages, just make sure it?s packed with solid, useable information. How a book…
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Designing & Furnishing the Family Practice

Starting a family practice is a lot of work. When it comes to office layout and design, taking a little time in the beginning can save both time and work later. When leasing a new building that is still under construction, it's possible to design the entire interior layout of the clinic. This will involve…
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Newcastle’s Beautiful Bridge

Tyne Bridge is a stunning structure, which crosses the River Tyne and connects Newcastle with Gateshead. Ideas for the bridge began around 1864, as people thought that a new bridge would ease traffic congestion, as well as providing a new river crossing. However, the design process only seriously started to get underway in the early…
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