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Shriners Hospitals Gave Patient Strong Foundation For Life

Judith Irving knows a strong foundation when she sees it-she does, after all, have a degree in architecture. In regard to her life, Jude credits her successes to the foundation laid by her supportive mother and family, and Shriners Hospitals for Children. When Jude was born in 1971, it was discovered she had a rare…
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How Would You Like To Design Your Own Ranch House?

My father was always at work out back in his little workshop, and he taught me how to fix and build all manner of household projects so I figured, why should drawing and building ranch house designs be any different. I've wanted to design my own ranch house for years, but was hindered by a…
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Prairie Style Architecture

If you are looking for an interesting, and beautiful style of architecture for a house or smaller sized commercial building, then you may want to look towards the prairie style architecture. The prairie style architecture was drafted originally in the loft room of the Steinway Piano Company building in Chicago, Illinois in the 1890?s. The…
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Quality Poster Prints

Posters have been around for ages. It has been used by monarchs and politicians since the 18th century to announce gatherings, advertise entertainments and any other events. It has been used for commercial purposes and for propaganda. Additionally, it has been used by political organizations or charitable institutions to announce any event they may be…
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