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Space Planning Atlanta

Rolling Carts

For light duty use throughout the workplace, rolling carts serve a number of functions, and are flexible enough for use in most situations. These small trucks are designed with ease of use in mind, and include a number of refinements to make them safe and stable in use, and prevent any damage being done to…
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Commercial Real Estate Definitions – From O to Z

Commercial real estate is distinctly different from residential real estate. The terminology is very different and here is a list of new terms from O to Z. Commercial Terms Operating Expenses: Just as it sounds, operating expenses are those costs associated with operating a commercial property. Contract and state law typically govern the exact nature…
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Why Boutique Design Matters

What is boutique hotel design, and why does it matter? There are fashion trends in hotel design just as there are in other areas. In the late eighties and through the nineties, that fashion was for clean, stark, minimalist design, particularly in city hotels. This was such a diversion from the traditional way that hotels…
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Thailand Landscape Architects

Landscape architects play a vital role in urban and rural development all over the world. Thailand has also contributed qualified landscape architects to the world Landscape architects in Thailand offer valuable designs and plans for various work settings. Landscape architecture has been recognized as distinct profession like medicine, engineering etc in Thailand. Those who want…
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