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Your Travel Guide to the Czech Republic and Prague

Czech Republic as a travel destination As a travel destination, the Czech Republic has much to offer. It's home to beautiful natural scenery, rolling farmlands, villages lost in time, hills crowned with castles, some of the world's finest beers, a mild climate and its vibrant capital, Prague. The Czech Republic comprises two areas, Bohemia in…
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Top Interior Design Trends

Over the years, many looks have come and gone in home interior design. The numbers of trends are infinite and people love to mix and match trends in order to customize their look to match their personalities. But there are some hot trends that keep popping up and sticking with our modern society. The number…
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Ramp It Up!

Today‚Äôs lifestyle is highly competitive and difficult especially for disabled persons. Nevertheless, disabled individuals should enjoy the same quality of life that able-bodied individuals experience. Public and private places should be built with ramps and structures that make them accessible even to disabled persons. If your workplace does not have ramps or facilities for disabled…
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Sustainable Architecture Helps Texas Instruments Save Money

Conserving energy is on the minds of most Americans today. With gas prices skyrocketing, everybody is looking for ways to save energy, which translates into saving money. If it takes $500 to heat your home in the winter, imagine how much it costs to heat a huge factory. Obviously any company building a factory needs…
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