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Checklist for Your Metal Building Project

Many companies will save money when they operate in a metal building. Metal buildings are cheaper to construct than conventional methods and can be built in about half the time. Not only will a business save money in construction costs, but in maintenance costs over the life of the building. Metal buildings are also more…
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Home-Design ? let?s go back to the beginning

The first human buildings were very much a matter of trial and error ? using whatever materials were available, people built shelters, and then other people copied the ones that worked. You might not realise it, but most of the world is still full of these kinds of buildings, especially outside urban areas in less…
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Architectural Scale Model

I had a 1 48 scale model flying Fortress that was my pride and joy. When I went to architecture school, I gave it all up. I figured that I could not make a career in models, and should do something else that I enjoyed. Little did I realize what awaited me. I actually got…
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Boost Your Business: Publish A Book

Entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for ways to boost their business. One of those ways is to become an author. A book doesn?t have to be 100,000 words and hundreds of pages long. An e-book can be as short as 50 pages, just make sure it?s packed with solid, useable information. How a book…
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