Commercial Interior Design Atlanta
The goal of commercial interior design is to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces that reflect the brand and values of the business and enhance the customer experience. We design commercial spaces in offices, retail stores, restaurants, and medical offices.

Commercial interior design involves a range of design disciplines, including space planning, lighting design, and materials selection, which requires an understanding of how people use and interact with the spaces. B
uilding codes and accessibility requirements ensure the safety and wellness of all inhabitants.

On commercial interior design projects, the designer works with the client to understand their program needs, and develops a design that meets their requirements. The designer will coordinate with contractors, architects, engineers and other professionals to bring the design to fruition.

  • INITIAL CONSULTATION: This is where the designer meets with the client to discuss their design goals and needs. The designer may ask questions about the client's business, target market, and budget.
  • CONTRACT NEGOTIATION: If the client decides to move forward with the design, the designer and client will negotiate a contract outlining the scope of work, budget, and timeline for the project.
  • SPACE PLANNING: The designer creates a floor plan for the space, taking into account the flow of traffic, functionality, and the placement of furniture and other elements.
  • DESIGN DEVELOPMENT: The designer creates a detailed design plan, including specifications for materials, finishes, and furniture.
  • REVISIONS: Based on the client's feedback, the designer may make revisions to the design plan.
Commercial Interior Design, Alpharetta, GA 30005
  • PROCUREMENT: The designer will specify materials and furnishings for the project.
  • IMPLEMENTATION: The designer works with contractors and other professionals to oversee the installation of the design elements.​​​​​​​