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A Guide to Choosing Bean Bag Couches

A Guide to Choosing Bean Bag Couches

Bean bag couches are great new alternative for people who value versatility and practicality in their home furnishings. Aside from being significantly cheaper than your average furniture, bean bag couches also offers unmatched comfort that could easily blend in your existing interior décor. If will not only prove to be an economical choice but a sensible one, especially when you have kids around the house.

With the huge variety of bean bag couches available today, where would you base your choices? Here is a simple and convenient guide to help you decide which of the bean bag couches would be the perfect one for you.


With the extensive array of bean bag couches in the market today, it is important to give more attention to the fabric covers. Most bean bag manufacturers use vinyl since it can easily be wiped clean. However a lot of people would prefer cloth cover because vinyl can be quite sticky due to its inability to absorb moisture. Among the other fabrics available are velvet, denim, cotton, and even fur. However, whatever fabric you think will best fit you or suit your taste, don’t compromise its quality. You would want a fabric that is durable enough to last for many years.


Since bean bag couches today are available in modern shapes and sizes, make sure to choose one that would not be too small or too large in your room. Otherwise, it will stick out like a sore thumb among your other room furnishings. Pay more attention to the dimensions and not just the aesthetic value to ensure it will blend well enough.


Bean bag couches come with varying quantities of filling stuffed inside depending on the preference of some individuals. There are a few people who would want to have less fillings to make it more comfortable; however for bean ban couches you would need more fillings for added support. So make sure you test the couch before making a purchase.


One of the main attractions with bean bags is the availability of designs at such an affordable price. If you want to personally choose the fabric design that would best complement your decors, there are bean bag manufacturers that accept custom made designs for you. With a unique bean bag design, you can add more character in your room or make it as a great accent that will certainly catch the attention and admiration of your guests.

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