Evening Handbag

´╗┐Evening Handbag

Two hours more to go and that cute guy from Chemistry class will arrive to fetch you for your dinner date. You are all set, you are now dressed with that sleek velvet dress pairing it with your silver stilettos but there is something missing, one that will organize all your essentials.

An evening handbag is very important when stepping out to a fine restaurant or partying at the latest hot spot. It is where you can stuff in all your personal belongings without a hassle. Here are some that you can purchase at discounted prices from www.sophiebags.com.

Dayton Leather Clutch from Tressje
It has a gorgeous white and adorable gold mesh material that has a wrist strap. This is an evening handbag that is large enough to hold all the items you want to bring for that night- out. It has a suede interior, zipper closure on top and one small pouch. Suggested retail price is at $175 but it can be bought at $160.

Wooden Contrast from Yen Linh
This evening handbag has champagne and green exteriors. It has a hand- carved wooden handle with floral detailing which you can playfully pair it with your jeans. It features silk in the outer shell, satin interior and inner zip pouch. Suggested retail price is at $56.

Small Ball Clasp from Sondra Roberts
Using an adorable faux leather, this evening handbag is metallic bronze in color. This goes great in denim and mules when you hang- out at night. It comes with a detachable thin material shoulder strap featuring three interior compartments. Suggested retail price is at $47.

Light Pink Metallic from Blue Elegance
A fabulously large evening handbag, it has a yellow stone design on the front and cool striped handles. Its features include an outside zip pouch and three interior compartments. The outer shell is of faux leather while the interior has a cool vinyl- like lining. Suggested retail price is at $68 but it can be bought at $61. 99.

Tia in Mandarin Speckle from Offhand Designs
This evening handbag may be small but do not be fooled because it can accommodate your important tiny goods. It has a wrist strap for easy grip so even if you are going to a cocktail party, it would not be difficult. The outer shell is of vintage brocade while the interior is neutral faille with pocket. Suggested retail price is at $32 but it can be bought at $29.

Pink Metallic Wristlet from Big Buddha
This is such a hip evening handbag perfect for an on-the-go urban girl. It has a distressed leather in carnation hue added with some extra fabric to sparkle. It has pink textile lining and zip closure on top. Suggested retail price is at $96 but it can be bought at $85.

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