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How to Design an Effective Call Center Business Outsourcing Plan

How to Design an Effective Call Center Business Outsourcing Plan

Outsourcing your company’s call center functions, even
if you only have a small to middle-sized business, is
still the right decision to make. Outsourcing often
helps smaller firms improve productivity and
efficiency, lower costs, and increase profits at the
same time. But achieving your outsourcing objectives
will greatly depend on how you’ve planned your
outsourcing strategy.

How to Design an Effective Call Center Business
Outsourcing Plan Consider the following steps when
mapping out your call center strategy.

Pros and Cons of Call Center Outsourcing How will your
company benefit from call center outsourcing? Are
there any possible disadvantages and if so, is there a
way to address them?

Does call center outsourcing make a perfect fit with
your company’s vision and mission? It’s not enough for
call center outsourcing to reduce your costs. It has
to be a decision that will help you attain your
objectives as well. Is it?

Resource Evaluation What exactly will you outsource?
If you already have the necessary technology,
facilities, and equipment to run a call center,
perhaps you only have to outsource your call center’s
labor force. But it could also be the other way
around. You have a lot of professionals in your
employment roster but you lack the requisite hardware
needs to run an effective call center.

Performance Evaluation Consider how your company is
presently faring. Take note of the overall performance
of the business and how each department of your
company is doing. Which departments will be directly
affected once you push through with your outsourcing
plans? How about the company’s overall performance?
How much do you expect your outsourcing plans to
affect it?

You need to be aware of how exactly your company is
doing prior to your outsourcing plans. The knowledge
will subsequently help you determine whether your
outsourcing plans were able to achieve the desired
results or not.

Nature of Call Center Function Some companies divide
their call center functions according to department.
There may be a different call center to handle
sales-related calls while there’s another call center
tasked to handle customer and technical support. Do
you need to outsource all of them? Perhaps one of them
is your core competency and is better left in your
capable hands.

Also, call centers are not always human-operated.
There are also call centers that are completely
automated. Which of them does your company need best?
Consider its rate of success, how you expect your
market to receive them, and whether or not it could
negatively affect your company’s overall performance.

Automated call center operations are efficient,
objective, and verifiable but they aren’t ideal when
handling complicated and unusual cases. Human-operated
call center operations are highly flexible but they
require competent management in order to continue
providing above par performance.

Writing Your Call Center Business Outsourcing Plan Be
as specific as you can be when writing your call
center business outsourcing plan. After all, you are
staking your business’s reputation on a third party’s
ability to satisfy your market. But of course, you
should also be prepared to reasonably negotiate with
BPO vendors until you reach a mutually satisfying

Choosing Your BPO Vendor The ideal BPO vendor is one
with considerable experience and expertise in the
field you’re in. The best BPO vendor may still not be
the ideal partner if they’re best known for assisting
construction firms and you own a fashion retail

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