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Marking the Lincoln Mark III

Marking the Lincoln Mark III

Meaning “cut” in the French language, coupe is one of the body styles of cars and vehicles. It has a close-coupled interior that offers two seats or 2 + 2 seating. The latter means that there is space for two people in the front and two more in the rear as well. Starting the 1960s, the term coupe has been used exclusively to fixed-roof models. If one would go back in history, you would see that the term itself had been used during the 1950s to refer to convertible models and this term, coupe, was used as “convertible coupes” when referring to that type of vehicle. Of course, there have been many variations with regards to this car body style. There are automobile makers who offer these sporting two doors, four doors, or even five doors for hatchback coupes.

One coupe that is running under the Lincoln brand and name is the Lincoln Mark III. It is Lincoln’s personal luxury coupe that was sold in the United States and the rest of North American starting from 1969 up until 1971. The name of this vehicle has brought about confusion for there have been two cars that also held the same name, well, almost. There is the Continental Mark III, and another one from Lincoln.

During the design and production stage of the Lincoln Mark III, it was intended so as to be able to compete with the Cadillac El Dorado which held a new front wheel drive. The Lincoln Mark III, upon introduction, made its way at the top end of the personal luxury car market. It was priced higher and better appointed. This vehicle shared some features that were just like its competitor, the Cadillac El Dorado. Both vehicles were actually based on the underpinnings of another car in the same parent company’s range. Also, both coupes held mechanical and engine components that were very much identical. On the other hand, the Lincoln Mark III was still unique for it exuded a more massive, taller, and heavier aura and look. It was actually almost 300 pounds heavier than the Cadillac El Dorado.

The Lincoln Mark III was unmistakably a Lincoln. The styling was done with the Lincoln design in mind. It was square, was more upright looking, had the typical Lincoln grille, had smooth doors to cover its headlights, and held the typical Continental fake spare-tire bulge on the rear deck.

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