Mazda3 Giving Dynamics and Strength

Mazda3 Giving Dynamics and Strength

Known in Japan as the Axela, the Mazda3 is assembled and crafted by the Mazda Motor Corporation. The vehicle is actually based on Ford’s global C1 Platform that was developed by Volvo and was shared with the latest European Ford Focus and Volvo S40. Mazda carried out the vehicle’s chassis development, however, when it came to its suspension, this part was done by Ford.

In the United States, the Mazda3 is made available in two trim levels – the “i” and the “s”. The “i” has a 2.0 liter engine, meanwhile the “s” has a 2.3 liter engine. The latter has updated the vehicle with a stronger engine and includes in its list air conditioning, cruise control, leather-wrapped steering wheel, remote keyless entry, height-adjustable driver’s seat, power windows, door looks and mirrors. The sedan under the “s” trim has a crisper handling with its larger tires. The Mazda3 is actually powered by an assortment of vehicles because it all depends on the market. The engine used in Japan is different from that used in the United States, and of course in Europe.

Rolling off the assembly line, the Mazda3 rolled into view on December 8, 2003. What is standard for all trim levels is that each has a five-speed manual transmission. However, optional is a four-speed automatic for very much larger engines. The vehicle has been very well-received in all markets. Come 2004, it was actually recognized as the best selling car in Canada.

The newest Mazda3 on the market combines the best qualities that its predecessors – GLC, 323, and Protégé – had. Taking the compact class car to an entirely new level in terms of refinement and quality, the Mazda3 has introduced a fresh and confident vision to a segment that has left customers of other brands wanting and craving for more. The new vehicle brings along with it promises of a memorable driving experience, and a whole new redefinition of style, build-quality, and performance in its own segment. Akira Tanioka, Mazda 3’s program manager states, “The Mazda3 is the best designed, best-engineered, and most fun-to-drive C-segment (compact) vehicle in the current market. It truly does exceed our most demanding expectations.”

The Mazda 3 “i” and “s” is a sedan with a personality all its own. It owns the traditional three-box design however, this time around, taking a step further with dynamic proportions and taut contours. This then produces a refined yet sporty look, without sacrificing interior volume. It also has a long wheelbase, short overhangs, a short but high rear deck, and a compact-looking cabin that delivers a coupe-like design. This is exceptionally a good choice for customers who are looking for an aggressive yet sophisticated sedan.

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Unmistakably a Mazda, the new Mazda3 brings along with it the Mazda way of styling and functional intelligence. Its exterior has a design that suggests dynamics and strength, along with a presence that shouts out the exciting, fun-to-drive character that the vehicle has. Its interior has been designed and crafted to evoke excitement and delight with top-of-the-line interior functionality and easy comfort.

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