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Necessity for self realization with transcendental knowledge of the Gita.

Necessity for self realization with transcendental knowledge of the Gita.

Nothing in this universe can affect or frighten you, unless your mind allows itself to be affected. Such is the power of mind.
Mind is the most powerful thing in the world. Almost all our agonies and pains are due to feelings (emotions) in our mind. An uncontrolled mind also gets constantly torn apart by various emotions, viz . likes, dislikes, love, hatred, jealousy, revenge, anger, grief, pride, fear etc. It is the mind which sees, hears, smells etc through respective sense organs and through the mechanism of the brain.
Emotions disturb the balanced state of mind. In medical terminology, the same thing is explained in the form of balance between two components of autonomous nervous system, namely sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.
Brain is designed in such a way that it always tires to maintain the balance between these two components of nervous system. It is this reactions between positive and negative emotions in brain that trigger pulses and secrete hormones accordingly which in turn helps for your body movements and functioning of body organs. In chemical term for example - reactions between positive and negative ions generate electricity used to run electric/electronic appliance.
Similarly potential difference between emotions generated in Brain helps to generate pulses in Brain and every organ in human body require pulses for its functioning.If there is no emotions, there is no pulses or power and your body is dead. It is the mind which feels the pleasure or pains of the body and not the body. If the mind is disconnected from the body, body will feel no pain.
It is by virtue of brain, which tries to maintain this balance automatically. You can experience this mechanism in brain in day today life at every moment. When there are negative emotions around you, brain automatically generates positive emotions, so that a balance is maintained.
Simple example: Consider if you are suffering from financial problems with lots financial issues concerning you, it is by virtue of your brain which automatically develops the positive emotions within and makes you feel happy by some sort of in-built mechanism.To generate the positive emotions, it may make you day dream - like wining a lottery, you establishing a big organization, you making lots of money, you buying a big house/car and so on.
In whatever condition, you will not be able to escape from this automatic balance from brain.
So question for every one will be: ---- why are the emotions generated, why do you love or dislike an individual, why do you feel pain and pleasure, why do you dream to achieve a goal, why do you feel disturbed when someone dislikes you. Why do you take birth and why do you die, why do you feel pleasure and why do you feel pain. If the brain by virtue maintains the balance, why this balance gets disturbed, who generates this emotions or disturbs the balance. There should be some eternal force that is attracting or rejecting the spirit in you. Bhagvad Gita reveals this ultimate truth for all living beings.
The Gita deals with the most sacred metaphysical science. It imparts the knowledge of the Self and answers two universal questions: Who am I, and how can I lead a happy and peaceful life in this world of dualities. Every human being faces dilemmas, big and small, in their everyday life when performing their duties. The main objective of the Gita is to help people struggling in the darkness of ignorance and help them to reach the spiritual shore of liberation while living and working in the society.
The most nine basic needs for any humans are:
· Security
· Adventure
· Freedom
· Exchange
· Power
· Expansion
· Acceptance
· Community
· Expression
Each person would try his best for seeing that they get their own needs met, not something that is fulfilled by another person. People who share the same needs will feel a connection or common bond. These needs develop action in you (Jiva) which as both negative and positive aspects.
Examples of how these above needs manifests for different people:
· Having lots of money in the bank – Security Need
· Having a planned savings/retirement program – Security Need
· Having a secure job – Security Need
· Having a house, home and family – Security Need
· Being the center of the office network - Community need
· Participating in classes, groups, clubs - Community need
· Going to a shopping mall or concert just to be around large groups of people - Community need
· Expressing through the Internet (creating web sites, writing newsletters, creating graphic art, stating opinions) – Expression need
· Creating art in all forms (painting, jewelry, crafts, interior design, graphic design, furniture design, architecture) – Expression need
· Acting in movies, plays or local theaters– Expression need
· Being accepted as a valuable member of a family group – Acceptance Need
· Being accepted into a club or group– Acceptance Need
· Building a company – Expansion need
· Building a personal or political empire – Expansion need
· Managing a company, a division or a department – Expansion need
· Becoming a leader in a civic organization or professional group – Acceptance Need
Any desire that arise in you (Jiva) to perform or fulfill your needs and make you act is the due to the attraction from the Eternal Spirit – Gita.
Know that all creatures have evolved from this twofold energy that you have in you and the Supreme Spirit is the source of this energy.
Scientifically, this is true for all objects - Electrons in the atom act with Nucleus as the central force. Without any force, electrons are inactive.
The individual soul associating with the six sensory faculties(hearing, touch, sight, taste, smell, and mind) develops attachments and aversions(called as emotions) or some chemicals in scientific term in his mind(organ-Brain)from the sense objects and this make the spirit (Jiva) associated with name, fame, body, power, designation and so on.
Simple experiment for Self realization: Just close your eyes for 60 secs and try your best to forget all the attachments and aversions (needs) that you have in your mind. During the process, you feel that you some how get attracted towards one or the other aversions and you will not be able to stabilize the mind at one location.
With your best effort in conscious mind, we feel so many forces acting on mind and just think under normal condition.
With this experiment, you can realize the presence of spirit (I) and i.e. you and the forces acting on them towards different directions (Maya). Due attachments and aversions from the sense objects, the spirit (Jiva) is associated with name, fame, body, power, designation and so on. This delution is called as “Maya” – DELUSIVE Power. The experience in Maya – delusive world, develops needs or desires accordingly. This may be different to different individuals.
The forces of Nature do all works. But due to delusion of ignorance, it makes us to assume that we are the doer
The one who knows the truth about the role of the forces of Nature in getting work done does not become attached to the work. Such a person knows that it is the forces of Nature that get their work done by using our organs as their instruments.
Lord Krishna said: The individual soul (Jiva, energy) in the body of living beings is the integral part of the universal Spirit, or consciousness. The individual soul associates with the six sensory faculties’ perception and activates them. The inherent power of cognition and desire of Eternal Being (Spirit) is called the nature of Eternal Being. The creative power of Eternal Being (or Spirit) that causes manifestation of the living entity is called Karma.
A person whose mind is unperturbed by sorrow, who does not crave pleasures, and who is completely free from attachment, fear, and anger, is called an enlightened sage of steady intellect.
The one who sees the same eternal Supreme Lord dwelling as Spirit equally within all mortal beings truly sees Lord.
Those who are free from pride and delusion, who have conquered the evil of attachment, who are constantly dwelling in the Supreme Being with all lust completely stilled, who are free from dualities of pleasure and pain; such wise ones reach Lord's Supreme Abode.
Filled with insatiable desires, hypocrisy, pride, and arrogance; holding wrong views due to delusion; they act with impure motives.
The one who completely renounces the selfish attachment to the fruits of all works is considered a renunciant to supreme spirit. To attain this, one must learn to give up lust, anger, greed, and establish mastery over the six senses (hearing, touch, sight, taste, smell, and mind) by the purified intellect. One should always remember that all works are done by the energy of nature and that he or she is not the doer but only an instrument. One must strive for excellence in all undertakings but maintain equanimity in success and failure, gain and loss, and pain and pleasure.

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