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Sauna Room Packages Make Construction Easy

Sauna Room Packages Make Construction Easy

Building your own home sauna from scratch can be an overwhelming project even for the experienced do-it-yourselfer. Sauna room packages make construction a snap as all the material for a complete sauna room can be ordered online and delivered to your door. Expect to spend from as little as one hour to 2 – 3 days assembling the sauna. It all depends on what type of package you order. Builders have a choice of pre-built saunas (also called modular sauna rooms) and kits. A kit is cheaper but more complex to assemble.

Modular packages can be assembled in as little as several hours. These are pre-built sauna rooms and construction is straightforward. The packaged material will come with detailed assembly instructions. Depending on the manufacturer, assembly sometimes consists of simply locking the cedar wall panels together and sliding the ceiling panels into place. Pre-assembled benches and pre-hung doors complete the sauna room. A licensed electrician should be hired to install the sauna room heater in compliance with the building code. Voila, enjoy! The modular sauna is up and ready for use!

Sauna kits are more complex to assemble than pre-built packages but considerably cheaper than pre-assembled modular saunas. Depending on the manufacturer, these kits can be supplied in red cedar, aspen, fir or poplar. A builder can custom design the entire room by choosing the type of sauna room heater (wood burning, electric, infrared), and accessories. These saunas can be built in any shape or size desired, so let your imagination go wild. It’s important to remember that these material kits are only for the inside of the sauna. The area needs to be properly prepared for the installation of the kit by building an insulated frame with outside paneling in place. The wiring and any plumbing should be installed professionally prior to ordering the custom sauna kit.

Have a look at our buying guide where we have listed a few manufacturers of modular sauna packages and precut kits to build the sauna room of your dreams.

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