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Thrill Seeker’s Guide to the Right Parachute

´╗┐Thrill Seeker's Guide to the Right Parachute

Parachutes are essential for skydivers, either for recreation or competition. Although skydivers across the globe are trying to land without one, this feat is not proven yet. There are many variants in parachute designs and sports.

Most enthusiasts know what they need including safety guides since they are trained. However newcomers and thrill seekers are not that aware. Before you decide to try an extreme sport you have to follow safety guides to prevent anything from going wrong.

Landing looks pretty easy for any veteran. However for a newcomer, it's not as good option to be complacent. Selecting the right parachute will depend on what extreme sport you decide to pursue. Modern designs come in different variants and some are personalized.

Picking your parachute and buyer's guide

The right will depend on what type of sport you embark on. The main difference lies on the canopy and the overall design of the parachute. If you plan on taking it easy you can start with skydiving or parasailing. Newcomers can enroll on skydiving clubs that will teach you the basics.

Parachutes used for skydiving are called Ram Air. They are equipped with parafoils that make them safe and easy to control. They also have two sheets that provide high pressure for better direction and stability. Parasailing on the other hand uses a parasail. It is a ParaCommander type of parachute which is a variation of the round parachute. It has suspension lines attached to the apex of the canopy.

Ribbon and ring parachutes are used in speed skydiving. They are made to deploy at supersonic speeds. The canopy is ring shaped and the ribbons spread under extreme pressure. The canopy has a large hole in the center to release pressure.

The most common type of design among newcomers is the Ram Air parachute. Ram air parachutes can either be rectangular or tapered. They are very stable and usually used for recreational skydiving and courses. Rectangular ram air parachutes are also used for BASE jumping, canopy formation and as reserves.

BASE jumping is extreme dangerous though because you have to jumped from fixed objects. BASE stands for building, antenna, span and earth. Antennas can be towers that are uninhabited, spans can be bridges or arches, earth are cliffs or other natural formations.

The size and shape of the canopy is also important because it affects the efficacy of the parachute. The size of the canopy depends upon its payload or passenger. You have to make sure the canopy has enough capacity for your body weight. Heavy weights need larger canopies and thicker lines or cords. The weight capacity can be founding the package. Make sure that your parachute will be able to support your descent.

Knowing all of this is enough. It's better to take courses first before attempting to make a jump. Apart from having the right parachute you also have to make sure that they are packed right. If not the main canopy may not inflate or get tangled in the lines. If they inflate too quickly the lines may break and the canopy may tear.

Having fun is good as long as you know that you are on the safe side. Surviving a fall is rare even records prove that individuals were able to do so. Make sure you have done all the safety procedures and read all the guides.

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