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Top Web Designs In 2012

Top Web Designs In 2012

So far 2012 has brought a lot of exciting web designs that will become staples in the years to come. The amazing changes will help chart the course for Internet marketing. As most marketers see the light and the reason to use design to push their agenda, the top designs of 2012 helped shaped how things will become. More and more open source libraries have been used in the design to help streamline the design process. It has been an exciting time for web design and there is no indication of slowing down.
More responsive interface
In 2012 the user experience was the main focus of web design. Most web designers collaborating with marketers thought that the main idea of having a great design is in the improvement of the user experience. Elements on the page should be more responsive to mouse clicks and move as expected. With the use of mobile Internet, the pages optimized for mobile devices should be able to respond well to touch. More and more people are using their index finger instead of the mouse in scrolling. It is important that the design philosophy is able to harness this emerging web culture.
Touch 2.0
As mentioned above, touch interface has been increasingly important. More people have gone mobile. With this in mind marketers are partnering with web designers in building the Touch 2.0 user experience. More designers have made in strides in building a separate mobile-optimized design template. This enables the designer to build a site that it suited for the web viewing experience. This approach is a compromise between retaining dynamic content and at the same time keeps the stripped down nature of mobile website development.
Multi-media philosophy
Using multi-media has been around since the dawn of the online experience. However 2012 saw an explosion of more sites embracing the use of video, images and audio in enhancing the user experience. Even giants in the web has embraced this multi-media philosophy and away from having too much text. Facebook’s Timeline is geared to featuring more images and less text. Marketers in the industries of travel, fashion and apparel will be most benefited from this design revolution.
Metro design
Popularized by the Metro UI of Windows 8, the solid block design has caught the attention of web designers. The simplicity and minimalism has created strong waves of visual interest. The result is more eyeballs enjoying the surfing experience. The block grid design has caught the fancy of people that features blocks of solid color with other blocks carrying text or images.
Minimalist design is also an emerging trend in 2012. More sites have sought to bring in a sleeker and more intuitive approach to design. Using big images and bold typefaces, the design seeks to bring more attention to the message with less clutter and distractions.
Parallax designs
If you don’t know it yet, Parallax is the scrolling technique in twos. It is when two parallel objects moving at different paces. This helps solve the monotony and give more dynamism to websites. This is a trend that is seen to continue in 2013.
So if you’re up to changing your website design, get the ideas from the top ranking ones of the past year. It will probably lead you to using the basic concepts of existing designs while aiming for something new and flashy for this year.

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