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Wheel Chair Lifts

Wheel Chair Lifts

Enabling people with physical disabilities to gain access to all areas is now an essential part of anti discrimination laws, and all business owners need to ensure that they take all appropriate steps to ensure that access is possible wherever required or face severe penalties. Providing consideration to the physically challenged is more and more important thanks to the increasing numbers of disabled people in the workforce.

I, and although they can be expensive to install, they allow staff complete access to areas where they need to be, and therefore boost productivity thanks to staff being able to properly enter all areas of the building and make use of facilities without any restrictions.

There are many different designs of wheelchair lifts available on the market, and all of them have specific uses, but the key for maximizing effectiveness is to opt for a design that best fits with the requirements of the environment it is to be installed in, while also ensuring that it is simple to use, and safe for other workers nearby.

The most effective wheel chair lifts offered feature all the ergonomic innovations that you would expect, and are reliable and hard working as you are. The standard model we offer provides smooth and powerful action that raises wheel chair users up to 36 inches at the touch of a button. Ideal for providing access without the need to use a ramp up a short set of steps, the wheel chair lift has a number of different safety features as standard that ensure that users are fully protected when using the lift to negotiate the stairs.

On operation, a lip is automatically raised at the back of the wheel chair lift to prevent the user from accidentally rolling off backwards and potentially injuring themselves. The lift will also stop automatically on descent if it detects that something is trapped underneath it, preventing injury to bystanders. The standard load capacity of the lift is 750 pounds, meaning that it can easily cope with all normal situations, and thanks to the powerful 2 horse power electric motor, and back up batteries to ensure operation in a power cut; it is designed with safety and reliability under all circumstances at the highest priority.

Although you may not have previously considered accessibility issues in your workplace, existing and planned legislation is increasingly placing the onus on business owners to provide full access to their premises to disabled users, and this is universally applied. Aside from the legal requirement, there is also a moral reason for ensuring that all staff are treated equally by the business, and this should be just as important when planning your business’ disability strategy to comply with all of your requirements to ensure universal access to facilities.

To provide access to areas for wheelchair users, having a system of lowered curbs, concrete ramps and smoothed out pathways is an essential consideration of your outdoor and indoor areas, but these are design changes and must be implemented at the planning stage of construction. IF you want to provide immediate access to an area where there has not been previous thought given to providing access, then an alternative must be implemented, and this can be accomplished with the installation of wheel chair lifts.

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